Carles Abellan

Winner of a Michelin Star for his culinary skills, he represents the new paradigm of the contemporary chef, concerned with both pure culinary creation and the reinvention of forgotten concepts.


Fundació Pare Manel

We collaborate with the Pare Manel Foundation with the gastronomic part of events that he organizes himself. We contribute our ideas and cook.

At Christmas, we contribute a percentage of each lottery number that we sell in our restaurants.

Chiringuito de Dios

We collaborate with this social dining room periodically, cooking a paella for 40 people. We started it in our catering center and we finished it in the same place as the beach bar of God.

Where we are?

C/ Rosa dels Vents, 1, 08039, Barcelona. Planta E, Hotel W.


(+34) 93 319 95 84